an amazing experience that has changed my life forever"an amazing experience that has changed my life forever"

"The Kerry Cup is an unmatched once in a lifetime experience for any dedicated junior golfer. Never have I ever been surrounded by so many players and adults who love golf as much as I do. From the first day to the last, there was always conversations about golf and someone to play with every minute of the day. Rain or shine the experience was unforgettable. My favorite day being the coldest, windiest, and rainiest day of the week. Playing in groups of five that day, we fought through the rain and did our best to get our balls into the hole, laughing and making friendships the entire time.

Before Ireland I was unable to decide whether I wanted to play field hockey or golf in college. The Kerry Cup experience made the decision much easier as it offered me the opportunity to talk candidly with the coaches and exposed me to future teammates and opponents of mine. The insight the coaches gave on the college golf experience was invaluable.

For those considering The Kerry Cup, I recommend that you sign up immediately, as you will not regret it. Whether it be the exposure you need for college or an excuse to travel to Ireland. The Kerry Cup was an amazing experience that has changed my life forever." – Ally Steffen


"the only disappointing part is that I wont be able to go again next year"

The Kerry Cup was undoubtedly the best golf experience of my senior summer and is among the best golf experiences of my junior career. The reason is two-fold. One, for those who, like me, aspire to play golf at the best academic institutions in the country, the exposure is unparalleled. Coaches from my dream schools became mentors to me throughout the week. I was able to speak and work with them one on one, showcasing my talents as well as getting to know them on a more personal level. This humanized the coaches. Suddenly I didn't feel intimidated or nervous playing in front of them. This increased comfort was paramount to improving my chances at playing for the school I chose. Two, on a more intrinsic level, the Kerry Cup is a week-long celebration of the game we all love.This was a common bond which unified the campers. Prior to starting the camp, I knew no one. 6 days later I was hugging the friends I had made, promising to keep contact with them. The results of the games and competition rounds became irrelevant at the end. We had all been there. We had all become friends.

Some may be skeptical. Going across an ocean alone for a week with a group of 60 strangers is certainly intimidating. My parents and I were no different. However, the Kerry Cup and Waterville staff went out of their ways to ensure our safety and enjoyment. The only disappointing part is that I wont be able to go again next year.  

For those considering participating in the Kerry Cup, I could not encourage you more. It will be a trip unlike any other and will bring you that much closer to achieving your college golf dreams. – Jake Leffew, 2014 participant, Yale University




"I had one of the most memorable and special times we can remember"

Dear Michael,
Thank you so much for the opportunity to participate in The Kerry Cup. My son Henry and I had one of the most memorable and special times we can remember. It was special for many reasons. For me it was an opportunity to play one of the finest golf courses in the world, meet interesting and accomplished parents, and have access to amazing college coaches to learn more about their programs and what it might be like for Henry to play college golf. Above all, it was an opportunity to create memories with my son and expand our shared love for the game of golf. For Henry the experience had even more layers. It was his first experience playing golf overseas. It was his first experience playing links golf. The team aspect of the tournament encouraged cooperation and mutual support. The individual aspect allowed him to distinguish himself on his own merit. The daily schedule of instruction and competition created a wonderful opportunity to expand skills in the morning and then put those new tools to work in the afternoon. Instruction from and interaction with coaches from some of the finest educational institutions and golf programs in the country lit a fire in him. He has an overwhelming desire to play college golf. The post competition speakers who dealt with topics such as the recruiting process, the life of a college golfer, and the psychological aspects of the game among others provided a solid understanding of what it takes to fulfill that dream. As a parent, I loved watching Henry interact with teammates and competitors, learn new techniques, and grow as a golfer and person.

We will always remember our week at The Kerry Cup. And we will always be grateful to you for the opportunity you provided.

Fred Krieble


"it was just an amazing experience for both father & son"

I hope this email finds you healthy and happy for this Christmas and New Year!

I just want to take a moment and give you feedback from our trip to Ireland this past summer.

The trip exceeded both of our expectations going in and now months later we still talk about when we can come back and play golf in Ireland. It was just an amazing experience for both Father & Son. The golf was outstanding for both of us. Most importantly was the access Timmy got to top collegiate golf coaches for an entire week.

Timmy still talks about the "1 on 1" 60 minute putting lesson he got from Jamie Green, the Duke Coach. He told Timmy to never again take a practice putting stroke and still to this day Timmy has told me he hasn't. Right when we got back from the Cup Timmy had his two lowest rounds in competitive junior golf shooting a 66 and 67 in respective tournaments and his putting woes are now officially over.

The time he spent with the boys in dorms he found a "total blast" and got him a taste of what life might be like playing college golf and "hanging out with other guys that love golf".

The icing on the cake has been of course we met and spent time with Coach Sjoberg from Emory. Timmy has just recently been accepted into Emory to play golf for Coach Sjoberg. The trip paid for itself 10 times over!

Thanks again for an unforgettable experience. I wouldn't change a thing.

Merry Christmas,

"Big Tim" Davis


"the Kerry Cup was a game-changer"

Thank you and your staff for an incredible experience at the Kerry Cup.   The coaches were amazing - the access, instruction, encouragement they provided the kids was second to none.  I think every kid walked away with a deeper appreciation for the game of golf and life of a student athlete and were inspired to practice more and study harder.  From a recruiting perspective, The Kerry Cup was a game-changer for my son. He is applying early to Dartmouth which would never have happened had he not had the chance to work with coach Parker in Ireland over six days. – Mike Russ, parent to Reed Russ, 2014 Kerry Cup participant, Dartmouth College


"I cannot say enough positive things about our experience"

As promised, Waterville is a phenomenal course in a spectacular location. The days were gloriously long and light – action and information packed. Access to the talented array of coaches from some of the top schools in our country was unprecedented; the seminars were enlightening and constructive; and the camaraderie among players, parents, coaches, staff and the locals was delightful. I cannot say enough positive things about our experience and congratulate you for coming up with this incredibly unique format.

Derek has an entirely new outlook and understanding about what it takes to play college golf and the different opportunities available to him at the college level. He made some wonderful contacts with a number of the coaches, got a lesson from Dr. Joe Parent which significantly increased his confidence in his putting, and was quite simply awed and motivated by the entire experience both as a student and an athlete – Susan Hitchner, parent to Derek Hitchner, 2015 Kerry Cup participant 


Coaches and Speakers

"firsthand insight into the do's and don'ts of the college recruiting process"

The Kerry Cup is an outstanding experience for junior golfers interested in competing at the collegiate level. The combination of the Waterville Resort as the host facility and the esteemed universities represented on the coaching staff provides a first class and valuable camp experience. 

Junior golfers are able to play and practice at this amazing facility as well as receive top flight instruction, spend quality time with the coaching staff and gain firsthand insight into the do's and don'ts  of the college recruiting process.   Finally, your experience will be shared with other like minded junior golfers and forge friendships and long lasting memories. – Ted Gleason, Founder and President- Road to College Golf and former Division 1 coach at both SMU and the University of Southern California



Needham Times-

Needham's Taylor Kay-Green wins Kerry Cup golf tournament

..."In its inaugural year, The Kerry Cup offers 60 high school golfers with aspirations of playing college golf from all over the world a chance to learn from some of the game’s top coaches.Kay-Green arrived in Waterville, Ireland, home of The Kerry Cup, in early July and stayed for a week, competing in team and individual tournaments against his peers and picking up tips."I took a few tips from coaches at Davidson, Richmond, and one swing tip from the coach at Duke, coach [Jamie] Green, that had to do with grip pressure and stuff like that, and that helped me," Kay-Green said.The hands-on tips Kay-Green received were invaluable, but it was the mental advice he took home from a golf psychologist that may have been the most beneficial.Kay-Green went on to win the individual tournament, carding a 2-over 74 in round one and a 1-under 71 on the final day to bring home the Kerry Cup title."It definitely is [the highlight of my golfing career]. It kind of opened a lot of doors for me for college," Kay-Green said. "Getting into college and playing on a team is my main goal now.”