Our dynamic and inspiring staff defines the quality of The Kerry Cup experience. Kerry Cup participants will be coached by some of the finest college coaches in the United States, and they will be taken care of by experienced boarding school educators who know how to work effectively with young people. The following is a list of coaches, speakers and chaperones.

To work with and gain insight from coaches that are part of a broad spectrum of elite colleges and universities is a rare opportunity

Mike Hughes, Head Coach, Brown University, leads an instructional session.


Bill Beaney
Head Coach, Middlebury College

Adam Decker
Head Coach, University of Richmond

Matt Greason
Head Coach, Trinity College

Will Green
Head Coach, Princeton University

Michael Hughes
Head Coach, Brown University

Rich Parker
Head Coach, Dartmouth College

Steve Stetson
Head Coach, Hamilton College

Tim Straub
Head Coach, Davidson College

Invited guest speakers:

Dr. Joe Parent, PGA TOUR Sports Psychologist and Best-selling author of ZEN GOLF: Mastering the Mental Game
John Brooks, College Golf Advisor, Red Numbers Golf and former Head Coach, University of North Florida
Jamie Green, Head Coach, Duke University
Colin Sheehan Head Coach, Yale University